Chief Executive Officer




Business Administration and Human Resource Manager

Chelsea has taken her decades of experience in the corporate world and applied them to Hife Farms. She is in charge of hiring as well as all administrative functions of the business.

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Operations Manager

Lacye moved to Northern California to work with Cannabis in 2007. She has experience in all kinds of cultivation operations, from home garages to massive outdoor farms. Her passion is in raising awareness for plant consciousness, ethical farm practices, and in working with microbiology to grow the most well-rounded medicine possible. Her job as the Operations Manager at Hife Farms is in ensuring the cultivation, packaging, and business practices all align with our business model of sustainability.



Sales Manager

Ashley came to the Bay Area to further her career in software sales in 2012 when she became involved in the cannabis industry. She has since been a committed and active member in the Northern California cannabis community. Ashley is the sales manager at Hife Farms, overseeing sales team relationships with dispensaries throughout California.